Men are in crisis. They are slowly losing dominance within all layers of society. Men lead the polls in ADHD, drug abuse and early school dropouts. Men no longer constitute the majority of the work force. Woman have made an advance, which means men need to adapt. But how? 

Photographer / filmmaker Ahmet Polat (39), director and story teller Lucas De Man (35) and radio journalist Rashif El Kaoui (28) are intrigued by this subject and started a journey to understand where we stand as men today resulting in a live performance, an exhibition and a podcast series. 

Ahmet, Lucas and Rashif started talking to friends and strangers, to scholars, psychologists, sexologists and feminists, teachers, sportsmen, auto mechanics, barbers and men of all walks of life. Over 180 men contributed to their project so far.

This way they collected stories, audio fragments and images which are used in different ways in the different parts of the project: an exhibition, a podcast series, a one man show and a performance.

The exhibition The Myth of Men premiers the 8th of September at Leica Gallery Istanbul during the Biennial 2017. It will be on view for three months.

At the same time the theatre show tours through The Netherlands and Belgium. For all dates check our calendar.

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